Monday, June 18, 2007

Honda Minisodes Clever, Subtle, On Brand

One of the tenets of new marketing--meaning marketing in an era of Web 2.0--is that sales efforts should be more subtle. Treat people as if they are intelligent and they'll respond to your product if it meets their needs and interests.

MySpace Minisodes, which are sponsored by the Honda Fit, are a edited versions of old, once popular sitcoms. The 30 minute shows have been stripped of commercials and extraneous detail to tell the story in 4-5 minutes. They'll go live on MySpace this week.

  • Clever, because they're fun to watch.
  • On brand, because the Honda Fit is a small car from a reputable company.
  • Subtle, because the commercial message is only 8 seconds long, which is tolerable in a web environment.
Nice work all around...