Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Coin Operated Man Breaks Through Clutter

Here's a great non-traditional tactic. It seems the folks at Australian advertising agency Cummins & Partners designed a campaign for MS Australia. It features a "scientist" played by a volunteer who performs "research", but only when someone deposits money in a container under his glass box.

What an amazing idea. Great for consumer shows, great for malls. And, most important, the idea is **gasp** on strategy. Because it leaves people with the exact message that MS Australia wants conveyed. "Without your donation, research will stop." In case you run the risk of missing the message, they printed it in big letters just under where you put your donation.

According to Carolyn Davis, art director on the account, the booth is raising $100 an hour and people are encouraging one another to put money in to keep the research going. And the scientists are played by volunteers, meaning there is no cost for the campaign beyond the cost of the box. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

It's getting some good buzz around the blogosphere, with links like this:

It deserves the buzz. Low budget, high impact and on message. Wish I'd thought of it...