Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Internet's Being Joost

Over the years, you've had to learn new Internet service company names, including Firefox, Skype, ICQ (which essentially became AOL Instant Messenger). Add to that list another name: Joost.

Joost is a new service that allows you to watch TV shows over the Internet with full clarity. They've got credible deals with folks like Warner Bros. for content.

But what's interesting about all these companies (except WB of course) is that they are using the same tools to grow big. Like the Nintendo Wii posting I made earlier, they are letting customers do the work for them. (Not a surprise, as one of the founders of Joost founded Skype, too...)

And, taking a page from ICQ, they are creating fake shortages to build excitement. You can't get Joost by going to the website. You have to be invited. They make you work a bit, and create a perception of being an insider. It worked great for ICQ. I think it will work well for Joost. Expect to hear more about them in the coming months...

To learn more about Joost, watch this 3-minute CBS News clip on it: