Monday, May 7, 2007

Tivo Pushes Ads Out of the House

MediaWeek reports that "alternative out of home" media is growing rapidly, up 27 percent in 2006 to $1.69 billion.

Alternative out of home is video advertising screens, digital billboards, and "place-based" media.

I think this comes from people trying to interrupt consumers when they least expect it. With Tivo and other DVRs causing commercials to be skipped. With consumers increasingly conditioned to flip over ads in 250-page magazines, the next idea is to surprise them, with either an ad in a place they don't expect or with an ad that has video when the consumer expects a single picture.

My thoughts: This trend will continue for years, before advertisers realize they are the victims of their own success. They've saturated the market to the point where everything is being ignored.

And then what happens next? Tell me what you think... I don't think it's industry salvation, even if it works in the short term...