Sunday, May 13, 2007

Objectifying Men

Those wacky Aussies are up to it again. This time in ads for 7-11. The local Leo Burnett folks have decided to do "something juicy for the ladies."

So, is this good or bad? On the one hand it seems like men are the last group that you can safely disparage--either in advertising or in sitcoms (see the one with the fat, dumb husband who is married to the smart, pretty wife? Oh yeah, that's about 8 shows... No cracks about it also being the true story of my life). At the same time, these pics are pretty funny and likely to get attention so, why not...

Now, will they sell Slurpees? Not so sure about that, although they may sell male French maid outfits to woman...or, more likely, bowflexes for husbands... What do you think women? Going to rush out to the local 7-11?